Purpose of the Veterans Service Commission

Of primary importance to the Veterans Service Commission is the provision of the basic necessities of life to veterans and their dependents. The Veterans Service Commission was established to assist veterans and their dependents who are experiencing an unexpected hardship as a result of sickness, injury, disease; or have become destitute due to lack of employment or lack of adequate employment. The Veterans Service Commission provides temporary financial assistance to veterans and their dependents who qualify as determined by the Commission.



Meetings are held on the Second and Fourth Monday of each Month. Each meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Veterans Service Office, 149 North Sandusky Street. Assistance applications must be filed in person no later than 1 business day prior to the next scheduled meeting in order to be presented to the Commission.



To qualify for Veterans Service Commission financial assistance, applicants must have resided in Delaware County for the last 90 days. The applicant, or the veteran on whose service the application is based, must have been honorably discharged from active military service performed for other than training purposes only. Reservists and National Guard members who are activated and serve a minimum of 90 days on federal active duty under (U.S. Code 10), for purposes other than training are eligible for financial assistance.


Documents Required

Discharge records, proof of income, bank statements, current bills and proof of residency in Ohio and Delaware County is required at the time of application. If applicable, Marriage License, Divorce Decree and Birth Certificate or Adoption Records for Dependent Children will be required.


Emergency Financial Assistance

The Veterans Service Commission provides short-term basic living needs to eligible veterans, spouses, dependent children and widows on a temporary basis as follows:

  • Mortgage/Rent Payments
  • Utilities and Food Voucher
  • Assistance is available for other emergencies on a case-by-case basis

Note: An emergency exists when the applicant’s funds have been depleted by some catastrophic event. Low or no funds caused by the veteran’s own careless spending will not be considered an emergency.


Board of Commissioners

Charles Thompson

President of the Commission
American Legion


David Hyatt

Member of the Commission

American Veterans

Richard Mason

Secretary of the Commission

Veterans of Foreign Wars


Richard Ray

Vice President of the Commission
Disabled American Veteran


John McAllister

Member of the Commission
Military Order of the Purple Heart & Vietnam Veterans of America


Commission Office Staff

Don DeShazo

Executive Director
County Veterans Service Officer

US Navy Veteran (RET)


Robert Bayles

Transportation Supervisor

US Navy Veteran



Wayne Kissel

Financial Services Officer
County Veterans Service Officer

US Army Veteran


Joseph Parisi


US Army Veteran

Scott Leonard

County Veteran Service Officer

US Army Veteran



Rey Cordero

Administrative Assistant 

US Army Veteran